Malappuram Coconut Producer Company Limited.

Malappuram Coconut Producer Company Ltd. (MCPC) is incorporated under the guidance of Coconut Development Board (CDB) and registered on 15 October 2013 under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act 1956 (CIN: U01133KL2013PTC035204) , at Vazhakkad village, Near Edavananppara, Kondotty Taluk in Malappuram District, Kerala .

Where in the farmers and primary producers from Coconut Producers Societies (CPS) and Coconut Producing Federation (CPF) in Malappuram District are the shareholders and Directors.

The vision of the Company is to build a prosperous and sustainable coconut sector by forming a farmer-owned producer company that enables farmers to enhance productivity through efficient, cost-effective and sustainable resource use and realize higher returns for their produce, through collective action supported by the government, and fruitful collaboration with academia, research agencies, civil society and the private sector. To improve the living standards of coconut farmers and give them complete support and guidance in cultivation and marketing their coconut products.

  • To take up production of edible coconut oil, packing and marketing taking in view of the interest of common man.
  • To take up Neera production and its marketing
  • To educate the coconut farmers for better cultivation, production and marketing, so that the farmers can get maximum return
  • To export value added organic coconut products
  • To encourage coconut farmers about organic cultivation
  • To encourage and implement of inter cultivation – Vegetables, Tapioca etc… in order to augment the income of coconut farmers
  • To encourage production of tender coconuts and also the production of coconut seedlings which are suitable for the tender coconut Production
  • To encourage value added products from coconut heusk, coir pith, coconut shell and coconut timber
  • To take up research activities on pests & disease control, hybridization of coconuts etc
  • To establish Training Institute connected with various aspects relating coconuts
  • To setup Agro Service Centre dealing with latest implements essential for better coconut farming
  • Of organic Manures for coconut cultivation and supply to farmers

Company Constitution